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Remembrance Sunday

Fr Paul’s sermon: Yesterday was the ninety-ninth anniversary of the Armistice at the end of the First World War, and next year we shall have completed the centenary of our remembrance. I am currently reading Testament of Youth, by Vera Brittain, her account of her early life. In August 1914 [...]

The Elephant in the Room

Fr Paul’s sermon, 22nd October 2017 Do you know the expression, “the elephant in the room”? It goes back to a cartoon by the American humorist James Thurber. He showed a roomful of people, all in earnest conversation with each other, and in the middle an elephant, which they are [...]

The Assumption of Our Lady

A meditation by Fr Paul: What, precisely, are we celebrating today? In the Constitution “Munificentissimus Deus” (God most bountiful) issued on All Saints’ Day, 1950, Pope Pius XII expresses the matter simply in these terms: “The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever-virgin Mary, was received at the end of her [...]

Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Fr Paul’s Sermon: One of the recurrent themes in the Gospels is our Lord’s need to pray. Today’s reading follows on from the feeding of the five thousand, which in turn follows the account of how King Herod killed John the Baptist. Hearing the shocking news, Jesus withdrew to a [...]

Sunday after Ascension

Fr Paul’s Sermon. How are we to celebrate the Kingship of Christ (which is what the Ascension is all about) in the face of the Manchester bombing? If God is both good and all-powerful, why did he not stop it? Do we, as Christians, have any answers to give, any [...]

The Good Shepherd

(Fr Paul’s sermon notes for the Children’s Address) What’s this?  (CAT) What’s this? (DOG) What’s this? (RABBIT) Do any of you have a cat as a pet? A dog? A rabbit? Any other kind of pet? Do you look after your pets/ What sort of things do you have to [...]

Maundy Thursday

Fr Paul’s Sermon. This night which we are commemorating was especially important to Jesus. He knew that his appointed end was very near, the moment when his enemies would prevail, and have him killed. He knew that this is what the Father required of him, if the salvation of the [...]

Bishop Jonathan’s Chrism Sermon

I   Normally at this celebration we read from St Luke’s account of Jesus appearing in the synagogue in Nazareth and reading the prophecy we have just heard from Isaiah:  ‘The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me’.  But this morning we’re scrolling back a little: back [...]

The Mass as Sacrifice

Fr Paul’s sermon for Sexagesima Sunday  I’m sure I don’t expect anybody to remember what I said on this Sunday, three years ago! Until I looked it up, I didn’t remember myself! But I preached on the first reading, the story of creation, and one of the things I said [...]


Fr Paul’s sermon notes. Take leaf out of Toby & Linda’s Quiz- how many kings does St Matthew mention in his gospel? One, King Herod. He mentions Wise Men, without mentioning a number. He mentions   gifts. Christian tradition supplies the kings, the camels, even names for the Kings (What?) and [...]