The Advent Wreath

Address by Jessica Smith at the Family Mass, 1st December 2013 Advent is the start of the new Christian year when we prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, thinking about the people and the events which led up to his birth. Lots of us have Advent calendars [...]

Christ the King

It is told that when St Francis of Assisi set out on a life of poverty, following Christ, he went out dressed in a ragged tunic, singing the praises of God. Some robbers met him, and asked him who he thought he was. “I am the herald of the great [...]

Remembrance Sunday

The Sermon by Archdeacon Christine Froude, at All Hallows on November 10th (with apologies for the lateness of this posting) In Flanders Fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the [...]


Magazine article by Fr. Paul – September 2013 It is well known that traditional Anglo-Catholics believe that the restriction of the sacred priesthood to men rests on the will of our Lord himself, and cannot be changed by the Church. While many Anglicans disagree about this, most accept that Christian [...]

Sermon given by Fr. Brendan Clover for All Saints Day November 2013

Today with our Hindu and Sikh brothers and sisters we are celebrating a festival of light, of the light of Christ in the lives of the saints. We Christians celebrate God as a God of Light because we believe in a ‘revealed religion’. That is to say that as we [...]

“The Anglo-Catholic Church in the Heart of Bristol”

From material in the June and December issues of the “All Hallows Quarterly” All Hallows is often referred to as an “Anglo-Catholic” Church. What exactly does that mean? The “Anglo” bit just means that we are a parish in the Church of England, and our customs (in worship and church [...]