John the Baptist

Fr Paul’s sermon for the Third Sunday in Advent. In our imaginations, let us get into our TARDISes and go back nearly twenty centuries to Palestine in the first century.  For the second Sunday in a row our focus is on John the Baptist, who St Luke tells us was [...]

The destruction of the Temple

Fr Paul’s sermon, 15 November 2015 Daniel 12.1-3; Psalm 16 ; Hebrews 10.11-14 [15-18]19-25; Mark 13.1-8   Wars, earthquakes, famines: has there ever been a time in this world’s history when these things have not happened? Man-made disasters, natural disasters, people killed, or injured, or made homeless. This sermon was largely prepared [...]

Physician of the soul

Sermon preached on St Luke’s Day  18.10.2015 by Jessica Smith Let’s just take another look a today’s collect: Almighty God, you called Luke the physician, whose praise is in the gospel, to be an evangelist and physician of the soul: by the grace of the Spirit and through the wholesome [...]

Holy Cross Day

Fr Paul’s sermon Back in 1958, just about this week, I started as a Novice in the Franciscan Order. One of the first things we learned was a prayer that we said as a community every time we went into the church: “We adore you, most holy Lord Jesus Christ, [...]

The panoply of God

Sermon preached on the Trinity 12, 23rd August 2015 by Jessica Smith, CoR, Parish Lay Minister, on Ephesians 6: 10-20 I wonder what the words Put on the whole armour of God conjure up in your mind? Saint Paul wrote the letter to the Christians in Ephesus in Ancient Greece [...]

The Assumption of Our Lady

Fr Paul’s sermon, 16th August 2015. St Francis of Assisi once composed a prayer to our Lady in which he greets her as Queen and as Mother of God, and then he adds, “You are the virgin made Church,” chosen by the Father, consecrated with the Son and the Holy [...]

Bread of Life

Fr Paul’s sermon, 26 July 2015. If you were very attentive last Sunday, you may have noticed that the Gospel we read had a hole in it. We heard from St Mark, chapter 6, verses 30-34, but then we jumped to verses 53 and 54. What happened in between? Well, [...]


Sermon preached on Trinity 3, 21st June 2015, by Jessica Smith, CoR Readings: Job 38: 1-11; Psalm 107:23-32; 2 Cor 6: 1-13; Mark 4: 35-41 How good a sailor are you? I always used to reckon I wasn’t a bad one when I was young. I enjoyed being on water [...]

Gardening with God

Fr Paul’s sermon on the Second Sunday after Trinity, 14th June On Friday my son John took me to see the allotment that he and his housemates cultivate, between Eastville Park and the M32, alongside the Frome. I was most impressed, because the last time I saw it much of [...]

Trinity Sunday

Fr Paul’s Sermon How are we to think about the Trinity? When I have told friends and colleagues that I am preaching on Trinity Sunday, they tend to look sympathetic and say, “Poor you!” But I don’t feel “Poor me” at all, I think this is a lovely topic to [...]